Custom Name Definition™ The Mouse | RACER BACK TANK

Name Definition Apparel

Our MOUSE Name Definition™ racer tanks are a fun twist on customizing your threads! Fill in our helpful template with words that describe the babe OR give us your own definition.

-We suggest using things like favorite foods, activities, quirks, traits, loves, foods, attitudes/moods, etc.

"A/An_______ who _____ and survives on ______"

(fill in the name & definition below)
{Here are some examples}

  • "a Minnie Mouse fanatic who loves lollipops & carousel rides and survives on Disneyland adventures"
  • "a Disney princess in training who adores the Mouse and survives on one last ride"
  • "a princess fanatic who loves every last Disney ride and survives on Mickey pretzels"

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