Custom Name Definition™- Newborn Sleeper Gown

Name Definition Apparel

Our Name Definition™ Sleeper Gowns are a fun twist on customizing. Fill in the template with words that describe your babe or give us your own definition.

-We suggest using things like favorite foods, activities, quirks, traits, loves, foods, attitudes/moods, etc.

"a/an_______ who _____ and survives on ______"

(fill in the name & definition below)
{Here are some examples}

  • "a sweet rainbow baby who will conquer the world"
  • "a superhero in training who is a gift from God, has the best big sister, and is already loved so much"
  • "a future fashion designer who has a closet to prove it"
  • "a princess in training who has daddy wrapped around her little finger"
  • "a president in the making who will change the world, but for now will rule the house"

$ 30.00